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Product introduction

Product introduction

CJWS Plus series twin-screw extruders are oriented to customers who pursue high-end quality at home and abroad, and achieve high quality, strong performance and better reliability within our ability.

Technical parameters

ModelDiameterL/DScrew speedMotor powerTorque per shaftTorque levelCapacity for reference
CJWS 35 Plus35.724~686004536513.5120~240
CJWS 40 Plus41.324~686007555413.5190~380
CJWS 52 Plus51.724~68600132107313.5330~660
CJWS 65 Plus62.724~68600250189813.5625~1250
CJWS 75 Plus71.424~68600355291613.5890~1760
CJWS 85 Plus81.424~68600550420713.51370~2740
CJWS 95 Plus93.524~68600800640613.52000~4000
CJWS 110 Plus110.624~6850011001051213.52750~5500
CJWS 120 Plus120.624~6850014501350013.53620~7240
CJWS 135 Plus132.524~6840015001796913.53750~7500

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